title pic 3 Reasons To Choose Reversible Swimwear

Posted by Katie on October 22, 2014

We have seen an increase in reversible swimwear over the years and we’ve been emphasizing it’s perks. Whether you’re more money conscious or you just want to have multiple looks with same pieces, reversible swimwear is on the rise and you’re options are ever more varied.

Reversible Swimwear

Reversible Swimwear

1. Money Saver

One of the most obvious reasons for buying reversible swimwear is saving money. Think about it: rather thatn just getting one look from your two piece swimsuit, you can get 4 different looks when both top and bottom are reversible.

2. Variety

Although we’ve noticed the trend take flight a few years back, swimwear designers took note of the demand for such styles and currently more and more swim silhouettes come as reversible. You can find reversible styles as solids on solids or solids on prints and even prints on prints. With more faces to a swimsuit comes more variety.

3. Ease of packing

When packing for a day at the beach or to travel to your summer destination, having less swimsuits for more looks just makes a whole lot of sense. The items will take less space, so you’ll have more room for other things.

Whatever your reason for choosing reversible swim styles, you’re sure to save money, pull off different looks, and pack light.


title pic Monokinis – Choosing the Right One!

Posted by Katie on October 16, 2014

So you’re swimsuit shopping! That’s great! But you have so many questions…should I look into a monokini swimsuit? Is a monokini right for me? How will I look wearing a monokini? Would a monokini look flattering on my body? How do I choose the right monokini? With so many questions, it’s no wonder swimsuit shopping can be a daunting task.

A monokini is NOT for everyone and will not look flattering on every body type. A monokini bathing suit does look extremely amazing on a proportionate body.

If you’re heavy on top and need a lot of support, we do recommend you go for a monokini with underwire. The underwire contours the bust and it helps giving it a nice shape while the underwire offers support. Many monokini styles come with underwire and built in bra. Look for monokini suits with over the shoulders straps rather than tying at neck. This way the weight of your bust is equally supported by your shoulders and does not put pressure on your neck.

monokini with underwire

If you are light on top, definitely look into choosing a monokini with push up. The push up can be as a built in bra, or there may be inserts to add push up pads. You can make your bust look bigger by wearing a monokini with push up. Since you don’t really need much support, there are so many styles that will further emphasize your bust. A monokini with fringe details or ruffles on top will add volume to the bust.

monokini with push up

If you need to hide the belly or mask some scars, we recommend choosing a monokini with wide front panels for more coverage in the front. The front panels can be made of crochet for a trendy look, or they can be accentuated with mesh trimming. The criss cross panels are a wonderful choice when needing to have more front coverage.

criss cross monokini

If you want to accentuate the waist, then a high waisted monokini is a great choice. The peek-a-boo cutouts can be flattering on a well proportioned body with a “killer” waistline, and the high waist design will accentuate the curves.

criss cross monokini

Our monokini bathing suit styles range from halter, bandeau, triangle to underwire, push-up, gel cups…skimpy or full coverage…you name it, we have it. Looking for fashion statement monokinis, or simple and elegant, we’ve got good news ladies: our selection of monokinis is huge!

When choosing the size for the monokini, you should start with the top size. Once you’ve found your size on the size chart for the specific designer, you’re more likely to get the perfect fit if you purchase the recommended size. We have a saying: ” always try to fit the top, cause the bottom will follow”. At Elite Fashion Swimwear we do carry monokini in d cup and even dd cup, so you don’t have to worry if you have a big bust. We’ve got the monokini with support you need.

The best time to buy a monokini swimsuit is NOW. End of season is all good news to you: more savings on so many monokinis on sale. Check out the clearance section where you can find swimwear discounts of up to 80% off on select styles.

Happy shopping ladies, and always be confident you can find a flattering monokini bathing suit tailored to your specific needs.


title pic Dreaming of Summer

Posted by Katie on October 15, 2014

Dreaming of summer

Dreaming of summer by elitefashionswimwear featuring set of three wall art
With the 2015 swimwear collections pouring in from designers such as L Space Swimwear, Pily Q Swimwear, and Sabz Luxury Swimwear, we are finding ourselves dreaming of summer more and more often. We’re overly excited of the new styles and cannot wait till next year to see the gorgeous silhouettes on beach babes on a daily basis.
When we think of summer we think of white! And white is definitely trending across the swimwear and beachwear this upcoming season. Our favorite designers have created white resortwear that will never go out of style.
White Offshore Caftan by L Space

White Offshore Caftan by L Space


title pic 6 Biggest Swimwear Shopping Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Posted by Katie on October 14, 2014

Shopping for swimwear online has become the norm today and more and more customers find the suits of their dreams online. To ensure you find that perfect one piece swimsuit or curve flattering monokini, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid and we’re offering the solution.

Buying cheap – Never ever go for a cheap swimsuit! Save up your money and purchase a high quality one that will definitely last you for more than one season. Yep, trends change from season to season, but in the swimwear industry the trends do not change drastically, so you’ll still look stylish in your swimsuit well past the current season. Cheap swimwear is just that – cheaply made! The fabric does not hold, poor fitting Lycra fabric that will just look awful after just a few dips in the ocean or pool.

SOLUTION: If you are on a budget, plan on shopping for designer swimwear at the end of the season. Retailers put the styles on clearance as they’re getting ready to stock up on next year’s collections. This is all good news to you! You can find a high quality swimsuit at half the price!

Sabz Swimwear

Sabz Swimwear

Buying from pictures – You see a model looking stunning in a suit and you buy it just by looking at the picture. Reality check! Models are models, and most women are NOT models. The lightning, the background, and yep, Photoshop, all play a key role on why NOT to buy swimwear relying solely on pictures. Avoid yourself the disappointment of opening the box to find out the top you thought looked like the perfect shape, to be a simple lined top with no padding, push up, or underwire.

SOLUTION: Read the product descriptions, inform yourself on the key features of the item before making the commitment. The top may look stunning on the model maybe because of the firm D cup size, and not because of the “imaginary” padding and underwire you think the top has.

Not checking the sizing guide – You know you’re a “small” so you purchase a “small” size without consulting the sizing guide. There is no standard sizing in clothing and various designers size their swimsuits differently. Some use the “vanity” sizing where the label says XS but item actually fits a size 8. This is because women like to think good about themselves (nothing wrong with that :) ) and when we think in smaller sizes we just feel like we’ve conquered the world.

SOLUTION: check the sizing guide for the brand you intend to purchase. If you’re at the top range of a size, definitely go for the next size up.

Not using recent measurements – The body changes throughout the year, you may gain or lose weight, the proportions of the top and bottom change. Along with the changes every woman should note the new measurements to ensure best fit.

SOLUTION: Don’t rely on last year’s measurement and take new measurement every time you go shopping for form fitting apparel.

One size doesn’t fit allover – This is especially important with one pieces and monokinis. When you have different size top and bottom, a one piece or monokini may not be your best choice. There’s exceptions to every rule and you may find a size in between that will fit. One pieces, unless custom made or cup size based, usually tend to fit “same size top and bottom” (e.g. small top, small bottom).

SOLUTION: Go for swim separates that are so much easier to size and fit. If you must get a one piece to mask a scar or whatever the reason, try to choose the size that would fit the top first. You may also find that a sister size will fit best. (36D will also fit a 34DD).

Only thinking in terms of SETS – That stunning yellow bikini top and bottom could definitely get a makeover when you swap a half for a different color/print.

SOLUTION: Let your imagination run wild and create your own combos. With so many retailers offering swimwear separates, creating a unique, personalized swim top – bottom combo is ever so easy!


title pic 2015 Swimwear Styles from L Space Swimwear by Monica Wise

Posted by Katie on August 27, 2014

August is an exciting month for us as we’re starting to bring in the newly released 2015 swimwear styles. After seeing them on the runway at Miami Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swimshow, we finally get to showcase the newly released styles. The fashion forward, sporty chic swimsuits from L Space Swimwear are in, well, some of them with many more to come later in the season. Highlights of what to expect for the new season are listed below.

Wrap Bikini Tops – the wrap tops bikini styles have started to make a splash in May 2014, and the demand is increasing every day. We’re expecting this trend to become major this season. For a more in depth description of the wrap bikini top trend, you can read about it here.

Crochet Accents – L Space expands its line featuring crochet accents and takes it to a whole new level. Now you can find bikini tops and bottoms with crochet accents.

Strap Back Bikini Tops – The strap back styles were introduced a few seasons back, but the trend is emerging as another hot swim trend for 2015 season. L Space is known for innovative swim designs, and their designs for 2015 are quite spectacular and in high demand. Designer Monica Wise creates not just amazing looking suits, but the fit is exceptionally good.

Mix and Match – It’s no surprise the new collection “The Water is Waiting” keeps its focus on the mix and match side of the spectrum. What girls doesn’t want to buy 2-3 pieces of swimsuits and be able to make 9-12 different looks out of them?

The L Space girl is toned, active, and enjoys life. The suits just complement this personality and accentuate the beauty of the female body. Take a look at the newest styles and let us know which one if your favorite.

Chloe Wrap Estella Bikini

Chloe Wrap Estella Bikini

Wild Child Boho Bikini

Wild Child Boho Bikini

Strap Back Bikini

Strap Back Bikini